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Eric: Trainer Sheet by Foxstarreh
Eric: Trainer Sheet
So, my Sapphire protagonist finally has a design. 

Hopefully this one will stick. 

Although I had Red and Silver, Sapphire was the first game in which I actually made a team and the first game in which I really felt connected to the idea of a trainer character or attached to the Pokemon. (I think I can remember two Pokemon I trained for Red and Silver each.) 

Needless to say, Eric's been an important character for me for many years, but he's never had a solid design. I'd call him my first OC but he's changed too much over the years. Start-from-scratch changes, unlike a couple other characters I have. Really, the only thing constant about him has been his team (and, honestly, in-game, Eli, Portia, and Bell were the only one's who'd really been on the team before I beat the game). Also that he's from Mossdeep. That was one of the first ideas I had for him and it never changed. 


Erik Aragaki

Erik received Eli, his started Pokemon, at age eighteen.  It took him a while to really get on his game with training, but at twenty-three, he did manage to win defeat Champion Steven Stone. After two more years of training, Erik did return to Mossdeep to try and find an actual, consistent job. That lasted for about a year. Unsatisfied, Erik left Hoenn to continue training his team, looking for more fulfilment from battling or conquering other leagues. 

He got none. 

Now he's back to his home region and ready to try his hand at something new. 

With zero prior experience or even real interest in the event, Erik is ready to leap into the world of contests. 

His team may or may not be thrilled about this. 

Eli: Swampert: Male

    Eli is Erik's first Pokémon, given to him when he received his trainer's license as a part of the starter program. Erik enjoys him companionship and the two can be found swimming together when there's a decently-sized body of water around. 

    Eli is everything someone would want in a starter Pokemon. He is patient, reliable, and obedient as well as a strong battler. 

Portia: Ninetales: Female
     Erik's first catch. He caught Portia at Mt. Pyre not too long into his journey (Mossdeep to Lilycove). She's Erik's strongest battler and is usually his go-to for battles with more experienced trainers or if he feels like he's in a jam. 
    Portia is the oldest member of the team and also by far the most likely to ignore Erik's commands. She's usually not loafing around, she just thinks she knows better (and since they seem to win when she disobeys just as frequently as they win when she doesn't, she might). She'll also sometimes wander off if Erik isn't holding her attention, but she always comes back eventually. As distant and aloof as she may seem, Portia does not take well to anyone messing with her teammates. 
      Note: If there are any suggestions out there for how to make it clear that Portia doesn't have weird shiny markings, she's just greying because she's an older lady, that would be pretty cool. 

Benji: Raichu: Male

Erik caught Benji in the Safari Zone on his second trip through Lilycove (the first one ended with Portia's capture). Although Benji's been on his team for years, Erik still struggles to make a connection with him. He's been on the team for too long for Erik to just replace him, though. 
    Benji is nervous about most things. Even though he's a decent fighter, he's often skittish on the field, which results in some poor aim on his part. Even off the field, Benji is typically very cautious and keeps to himself instead of interacting with the rest of the team. 

Bell: Sableye: Female

Erik battles with Bell a lot, partly because she's strong but also partly because it still excites him to see teensy Bell take down an Aggron. He probably praises her for her wins more than any other Pokemon on his team, but that's really just because she doesn't seem to know how to respond. 
    Bell is quiet and a hard worker. She doesn't enjoy solitude and is rarely found without the company of at least one of her teammates, but usually doesn't interact with anyone not from the team. 

Imogene: Altaria: Female

Imogene is the most recent addition to Erik's team, but she joined right around the same time as Abigail and she's been a teammember for almost ten years. Erik often finds her presence soothing when he's stressed. 
    Imogene is by far the most personable of the team. She's the one who will happily greet other trainers or Pokemon and she'll always do her best to comfort someone when they're down. Bell and Abigail can sometimes be found napping in her fluff.   

Abigail: Linoone: Female

Abigail is technically a registered member of Erik's battle team, but he almost never uses her. He only really sends her to fight when he's battling someone clearly inexperienced (like, a little kid whom he'd feel bad about destroying), if he's trying to make a capture, or if he needs her to steal something. 
    Above all else, Abigail is an expert thief. She can pick pockets with the best of them (although Erik's been trying to break her from this habit for years). Not only is she good at stealing, but she's also just good at spotting things. Let her loose in some city streets and she can most likely find enough dropped cash to pay for your dinner (as long as you trust that all of the money was actually found on the ground). 
Nat: Trainer Sheet by Foxstarreh
Nat: Trainer Sheet
How quickly the base I made for Eleanor makes itself useful. 

I did initially shade her headshot like I did for Eleanor, but I liked the flat version better so... inconsistencies. Oh well. 

Natalie Pikeman

Nat is from Dewford. Born and raised. She spent a lot of time fishing, but until now, she was never licensed to keep what she reeled in. 

Now that she's graduated school, Nat's succeeded in acquiring her trainer's license and is ready to get out there, meet some people (or not, yikes!), and, most importantly, become an awesome water type trainer. 

Nat's shy and prone to anxiety around other people. She draws her strength from her solitude and from spending time with her Pokémon or exercising. Her hobbies include fishing, swimming, and running and will hopefully now begin to include Pokémon training and capturing. 

She has two tattoos. One of a Luvdisc on her left wrist and one of a sunflower (her favourite flower) on her solar plexus.  The only footwear she owns are flip-flops or running shoes. 


    Nat's first Pokémon! She's known she'd pick a Mudkip since she was little and even though they haven't known each other for long, she's excited to get to work with him and Jonas seems pretty excited to work with Nat in return.

    Jonas is always eager to train and fight. He sometimes fails to listen to Nat's commands when he gets too excited or caught up in the moment. He can be a little too aggressive at times but for the most part, he seems to just want to have fun. 
Eleanor: Trainer Sheet by Foxstarreh
Eleanor: Trainer Sheet
OC incoming. 

Hoping to get back into role-playing and figured a way to help that along would be by finally completing and uploading some references at the very least. (The completing part is a lie, the uploading isn't.) And everything is Pokémon so...

Eleanor Ellis

Eleanor was born in Nimbasa City, Unova but when Eleanor was five, she and her mother moved Sinnoh and bought a house just outside of Pastoria. She mostly considers herself to be from Pastoria. 

As kids do, Eleanor turned eleven and started officially Pokémon training. She travelled through Sinnoh, where she did not take up the league challenge or battle any gyms, moved briefly through Kanto, and at seventeen began the Johto League challenge. After collecting eight badges, Eleanor challenged the Elite Four, but was defeated. After watching a few other challengers fight the Champion, Eleanor was inspired to work harder with her Dratini, she returned to Blackthorn City, caught herself a Seadra, and got a job as one of the trainers in Clair's gym. 

Eleanor worked at the Blackthorn Gym for six years, but once Hercules evolved into a Dragonite, he was officially declared too powerful to be fighting against the prospective gym challengers. Although Eleanor was given the option to start over with training a new Dratini, she decided it was time to resign and look for new opportunities. 

Now, after a short return trip home, Eleanor is off to explore Hoenn with her team. 

(I've played Eleanor at several different stages in her adventure. This is the earliest I've ever done. Maybe I'll make a sheet for her future. Maybe you'll have to role-play with me to find how where everything goes for her.)

Tiffany: Roserade: Female

    Tiffany is Eleanor's first Pokémon. Eleanor found Tiffany as a Roselia outside of her home in Pastoria and, after determining that the Pokémon was friendly, Eleanor's mother caught her for her. Tiffany's been with Eleanor through a lot and the two are very close.

    Tiffany is affectionate, playful and fond of children. 

Mary Ann: Toxicroak: Female
     Eleanor had to catch a Croagunk before she could leave Pastoria. She'd been around the sound of their cries for so long she couldn't imagine going for long without hearing it. Mary Ann was Eleanor's first catch and sometimes Eleanor lets her out of her Pokéball at night to help Eleanor go to sleep. 
    Mary Ann is calm and well-mannered.

Hercules: Dragonite: Male

Hercules was captured in the Dragon's Den. It is with him that Eleanor was able to get her job at the Blackthorn Gym. Now that he's evolved, Hercules is Eleanor's strongest battler and her choice of air transportation. For the past six years, Eleanor has trained primarily with Hercules and he is now her most frequent companion. If only one Pokémon is going to be released from their Pokéball, it's going to be Hercules. 
    Hercules is always ready to battle and is sometimes nervous about being apart from Eleanor. 

Tempest: Seadra: Male

Tempest is the newest addition to Eleanor's team, though she's had him for almost six years. He and Hercules comprised Eleanor's gym team. Since he can't be out on land, Eleanor tries to always release him from his Pokéball when they're around bodies of water. 
    Tempest is somewhat short-tempered and impatient and he is prone to releasing himself from his 
Pokéball whenever he is able. 

I should probably figure out a better design for my next trainer sheet. There will be more. They may be different. (Maybe I'll add actual boxes next time. Maybe I'll come back and edit this once I figure out what looks decent. The possibilities are endless.)

Edit: Done! Now featuring actual boxes and (in my opinion) easier-to-read text. And now I actually have a standard base for my sheets. Yay me. 
Akiko: RP Tracker by Foxstarreh
Akiko: RP Tracker
((Why does it look so awful? Oh well.))


Someone come RP with Akiko!


None! D=

RP Information 

Paragraph format only.

I’ve traditionally role-played over email, but I can work with whatever. Leave a comment to let me know if you’re interested. (Or send me a note if you’re not comfortable with doing that in public.)

Unova Quest: Akiko by Foxstarreh
Unova Quest: Akiko

Akiko has my Black 2 team and it kind of broke my heart to go back so far and leave out the rest of her team, but I think it will be much more interesting for other people (and for myself, yeah) to role-play with her at this point in her life. Back when she had an actual goal, whoops. 

Her birthday is coincidentally today because that's when I started my Black 2 game apparently. 

My notes are not as extensive as they should have been at this point in the game so I had to guess for Gus's ability and Crowley's level and moveset. 

Behind the Name randomly generated last name. Creativity at its best.



| Name |
Akiko Nakamura

| Age |

| Gender |

| Height |

| Weight |

| Birthday |
December 25

| Hometown |
Aspertia City

| Current Residence |
Travelling. (Currently in the Pokémon Center in Castelia City.)

| Professor |
Prof. Juniper

| Job |

| Sexual Orientation |

| Relationship Status |

| Personality |
-Athletic: Akiko’s been in dance classes since she was three and spent high school on the varsity cheer squad. She had offers of cheerleading scholarships from multiple universities that she ended up not taking.

-Night Noctowl: You’ll rarely see Akiko up in the morning. And if you do, you’ll probably wish you hadn’t.

-Snarky: Akiko’s go-to humor is sarcasm. Especially when she’s feeling grumpy. Which is pretty often lately.

-Competitive: She’s often apathetic about things but once she gets into an activity, whether it’s ballet or Mario games, she’s in it to win it.

-Loyal: Once someone has her affection, it’s really hard to lose it. Akiko will stick it out with her friends no matter what happens and can't seem to let go.

-Resistant: Akiko has a really hard time dealing with change. Sometimes she responds just by shutting down or not engaging.

| History |
Akiko was born and raised in Aspertia City by her mother (and later her stepmother too). Her dad lives in Opelucid City and although she rarely sees him throughout the year, she typically spends a month with him in the summer. Until this summer.

Even though she had scholarship offers, Akiko didn’t attend any of the colleges that accepted her. With all her friends headed off for college, work, or Pokémon training, Akiko spent the last six months doing nothing constructive, even refusing to take a job at her stepmom’s bakery.

Unwilling to see Akiko waste more of her time, her mom registered Akiko to be a Pokémon trainer to at least get her active again. Even though her stepmother promises her that travelling and working with Pokémon is a great way to find yourself, Akiko is just determined to walk straight to her dad’s and resume doing nothing.

| Extra |
-She gets pretty nervous around canid Pokémon.
 -Total caffeine addict.
-Lactose intolerant.
-Has a stepbrother who is two years older and in college.
-Her mom and her stepmom have been together since Akiko was three. When Akiko refers to her parents, she means them. Her dad is just her dad.
-Akiko is familiar enough with Pokémon to identify them and know basics like types and effectiveness, but she is a poor tactician and isn’t very skilled at choosing attacks. 

Belt Pokémon

| Name |
| Pokémon |
| Type |
| Gender |
| Level |

| Held Item |
| Nature |
| Ability |
| Move Set |
1. : Grass: Mega Drain - A nutrient-draining attack. The user's HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target.
2. : Grass: Leaf Tornado - The user attacks its target by encircling it in sharp leaves. This attack may also lower the target's accuracy.
3. : Normal: Wrap - A long body or vines are used to wrap and squeeze the target for four to five turns.
4. : Normal: Growth - The user's body grows all at once, raising the Attack and Sp. Atk stats.
| Personality |
Crowley is calm and quiet. Akiko picked him over Tepig or Oshawott because she felt that his mellowness would keep her from becoming attached to her and vice-versa, making it easy to rehome him when she gets to her dad’s and stops needing any Pokémon to travel with. He’s so quiet she can’t tell if it’s working or not, though.


| Name |
| Pokémon |
| Type |
| Gender |
| Level |
| Held Item |
| Nature |
| Ability |
| Move Set |
1. : Normal: Cut – The target is cut with a scythe or a claw. It can also be used to cut down thin trees.
2. : Dark: Pursuit – An attack move that inflicts double damage if used on a target that is switching out of battle.
3. : Normal: Assist – The user hurriedly and randomly uses a move among those known by other Pokémon in the party. 
4. : Normal: Fury Swipes – The target is raked with sharp claws or scythes for two to five times in quick succession. 
| Personality |
Penelope is typically reluctant to battle. Even though Akiko actually likes her, she’s difficult to motivate. She seems pretty uninterested in training or Akiko. She likes being outdoors and lying around in the sun but will enjoy getting some exercise if it doesn’t involve fighting.


| Name |
| Pokémon |
| Type |
| Gender |
| Level |

| Held Item |
| Nature |
| Ability |
| Move Set |
1. : Dark: Bite – The target is bitten with viciously sharp fangs. It may make the target flinch.

2. : Normal: Quick Attack – The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. It is sure to strike first.
3. : Normal: Growl – The user growls in an endearing way, making the opposing team less wary. The foes’ Attack stats are lowered.
4. : Ground: Sand-Attack – Sand is hurled in the target’s face, reducing its accuracy.
| Personality |
This little dude is cheerful as plop. Even though Akiko isn’t particularly interested in him except to use him to keep herself safe, he’s determined to be her friend. And everyone’s friend.


RP Information 

Paragraph format only.

I’ve traditionally role-played over email, but I can work with whatever. Leave a comment to let me know if you’re interested. (Or send me a note if you’re not comfortable with doing that in public.)



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