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Request: Kent Morrison by Foxstarreh Request: Kent Morrison :iconfoxstarreh:Foxstarreh 1 0 Akiko: Opelucid or Bust by Foxstarreh Akiko: Opelucid or Bust :iconfoxstarreh:Foxstarreh 0 4 Penelope and Lola: Friends by Foxstarreh Penelope and Lola: Friends :iconfoxstarreh:Foxstarreh 3 4 Akiko and Kitty: First Meeting by Foxstarreh Akiko and Kitty: First Meeting :iconfoxstarreh:Foxstarreh 2 1
RP Log 03/17/16-09/13/16 - Salt and Friendship
Foxstarreh (Akiko Nakamura)
immasweetslovinggirl (Kitty)
Kitty was out shopping today at the supermarket her plain clothes (a simple coral sweater with a black line across the bust and a black skirt with white knee high socks and black flats) hiding her true face as the contest spectacular super star she was. the only problem was she couldn't exactly hide what made her the star she was as it would continue to follow her around where ever she went contest or not, that thing being her Mewtwo, her most recognizable team member and legendary to boot. this meant that while she was picking up some much needed groceries for her pent house she had a little crowd around her mutter and mumbling as her beloved mewtwo stood by her side (way above her head as he was 6 foot 7 and she only a measly 5 foot 5) impatiently waiting for her to finish up so they could leave
"you know if you didn't want to come with me you didn't have to." she spoke to the Mewtwo
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Request: Kent Morrison
Drawing some other people's characters to try out how I want to format my own trainer cards. 

Thanks, Pikavee, for letting me experiment on your character. 

Art is mine. Characters aren't. Etc.
Akiko: Opelucid or Bust
After some talking and temporary bathroom loaning from Kitty, reluctant trainer Akiko heads out to Route 4 and returns to her goal of getting to her dad's house and not being a trainer anymore. 

Also, if you've got a ride, she'd love to share. 


((Also, is one of those Pokemon gonna be important?))
Penelope and Lola: Friends

Kitty and Akiko's first meeting might've had some tension, but their Pokemon became quick friends. 

Akiko's not jealous. Nope. Not one bit. 

Lola  belongs to :iconimmasweetslovinggirl: 
Penelope belongs to me
Akiko and Kitty: First Meeting

A scene from Kitty and Akiko's first meeting, a role-play between myself and immasweetslovinggirl

Role-play with them! (No guarantees that your characters won't get cut, yelled at, or met with Mewtwo salt.)

Akiko's app.

Kitty's app. 
Foxstarreh (Akiko Nakamura)
immasweetslovinggirl (Kitty)


Kitty was out shopping today at the supermarket her plain clothes (a simple coral sweater with a black line across the bust and a black skirt with white knee high socks and black flats) hiding her true face as the contest spectacular super star she was. the only problem was she couldn't exactly hide what made her the star she was as it would continue to follow her around where ever she went contest or not, that thing being her Mewtwo, her most recognizable team member and legendary to boot. this meant that while she was picking up some much needed groceries for her pent house she had a little crowd around her mutter and mumbling as her beloved mewtwo stood by her side (way above her head as he was 6 foot 7 and she only a measly 5 foot 5) impatiently waiting for her to finish up so they could leave

"you know if you didn't want to come with me you didn't have to." she spoke to the Mewtwo named Rebel as she picked up a bag of flour. she had run out of the precious ingredient after making pokepuffs for everyone maybe she'd try poffins today.

" no you need me around almost 24/7 because I cannot seem to leave you alone for a minute without something happening to you." of course she thought as she placed another bag of flour into the shopping cart. and started to turn to the next aisle to pick up some much desired snacks

Akiko hadn’t slept well.

She hadn’t slept well in the week since she’d arrived to Castelia, nor had she slept well in the past couple of months since leaving Aspertia, but when had that stopped her from complaining before?

Her new bunkmate snored loudly enough that the rest of the dormitory (if not the entire Pokémon Center) should be as frustrated as she was. Add to that the lousy mattress, the hall lights that never went out, and the woman in the bed next to Akiko’s who thought it was acceptable to sleep with her glowing Flaaffy beside her and what could anyone really expect from Akiko beside crankiness?

Her bright pink running shoes still hit the cement fast and hard. Despite her lousy morning, how could she skip out on the one activity she’d found to interest Penelope?  They rounded the Plaza’s intersection with Gym Street that marked their fifth lap around Central Plaza and Akiko spared a look to the left toward her Liepard. Penelope’s mouth hung open, her pale pink tongue visible inside. Tired but not calling it quits.

Akiko had to respect that.

Akiko had hit her stride a few laps back, the soles of her shoes drumming a rhythm through her body and the exertion blooming through her chest. By now sweat had gathered at the edge of her sports bra and the waistband of her leggings and she felt cleaner. Aired out. The foul mood burned away in her quads to leave only her more general irritation at being in Castelia City instead of back home.

As they passed Mode Street, Akiko pulled her water bottle from her waistpack. She tugged the bite valve open with her teeth and was rewarded with nothing. Akiko gave the bottle a shake. Empty.


She slowed to a jog and Penelope matched her with a loose, long-legged trot, obedient as she only was in this singular shared activity. By the time Akiko turned them down Castelia Street, she’d begun her cool down, pace slowed and arms over her head, and Penelope began her regularly scheduled insolence. Akiko returned her water bottle to her pack and removed Penelope’s Pokéball from the zippered pouch.

The market’s automatic doors parted at Akiko’s approach and she was taken in by a wash of frigid air that prickled her warm skin and blew the long strands of hair that had fallen from her pinned braids. Akiko swallowed, shivered, cleared her throat, and marched in toward the refrigerated drinks.

Kitty decided to make a detour towards the drinks aisle instead reminding herself that she had no proper drinks to go with her snacks and the drinks were closer to where she was anyway. now she had the tough decision of what drink she wanted. Rebel looked on disinterested as always except for one drink that caught his eye which he grabbed and inspected curiously before feeling eyes bore a hole through his neck and looking down he saw Kitty staring at him happily he could practically see the excitement spark off her

"i was just curious"

"I'll get it!" she said grabbing the bottle and putting it in the cart noting it was a limited edition coffee flavoured shake with extra cinnamon. no wonder he wanted it. she threw in some lemonade as well before seeing a drink she wanted that was a little farther away.
"watch the cart Rebel i'll be right back!" she walked away from the cart to her prize drink before running into something pink and black.

As soon as Akiko pulled her bottle of iced coffee free from the shelf, something barrelled into her. Her shoulder hit the door and her loose grip failed her. The bottle of coffee hit the floor and shattered.

Akiko jumped away but couldn’t avoid a few nicks on her bare calves or cold coffee in her socks.

She turned to whoever had bumped her with a scowl, partly to see if they’d been cut too and partly to make sure they’d gotten covered in some of her sweat from running into her, because that really was what they deserved. 

Kitty rubbed her head and looked down at what she had ran into. oops who she had run into. there was a girl on the floor looking like she had just gotten done with a hard run. and she had ruined her drink as it had splattered all on the floor and on her as well. she squeaked and blushed a bit embarrassed

"s-sorry i didn't mean to run into you! are you okay?! I'll pay for the drink don't worry! d-do you need medical attention?!" she bent over and started fawning over the girl to make sure she was okay she was saddened to see that she gotten cut by the glass

"i-i'm sorry~" Rebel held her head tightly and brought her back up away from the girl

"give her space to breathe and again how many times do i have to say watch where you're going?!" Kitty could sob at the glare Rebel levelled her

Little beads of blood welled up along Akiko’s calves. Most of the shards were big and delivered only glancing blows, but some fragments were small enough to imbed themselves in her flesh. Akiko flapped her hands to shove the other woman off and when she was pulled away, Akiko pried one sliver out of her sweaty skin and was pricked again. “Dude, what the heck was that?” she asked. “I was standing still.”

And yet it was the woman who’d collided into her who looked near tears. Which she really didn’t want but, also she was definitely not in the wrong here.

Also, this woman was being escorted by Mewtwo?

Akiko balled a fist and fit her bleeding finger into the center to staunch the flow. She rose to her feet. “You’re Kitty, aren’t you? Is this, like, some celebrity thing? Are you recording this?”

Kitty sobered up and was going to shake her head if it wasn't still being held by Rebel

"I'm so sorry and to answer your questions yes no and no i was just out shopping for the day," Kitty pointed to her cart full of berries sugar baking soda flour and other baking supplies as well as other food items and assorted treats. there was still a crowd around them whispering and watching but that didn't bother kitty anymore.

"i ran out of stuff at the house so i had to come pick up some things incognito but Rebel makes it hard for me hide." the mewtwo huffed and shook his trainer lightly

"it wouldn't be such a problem if i thought you were capable of taking care of yourself for just 5 minutes." Kitty ignored him

"I made pokepuffs yesterday so i decided that I'll making poffins today!" she smiled brightly as Rebel huffed and put her down. Kitty went back to the girl.

"anyway you know my name and i don't know yours could you tell me?"

Akiko turned to the gathering crowd and fixed them with her most withering glare. It had always worked in high school and on her step-brother and had thus far served her well in her journey, but she’d also found her friends and some of the actually talented trainers to be immune, so the outcome was always up in the air. “Scram,” she commanded the onlookers. “You’re bored, go find a mop.”  Then she turned back to Kitty and tucked a few fallen strands of long, black hair behind her ear. “Akiko,” she said. “Just trying to buy a drink.”

Kitty felt really bad that she had ruined her drink and after such a hard run and now she was cut up too
"i feel awful about doing that to you tell you what we can go to my house and i'll lend you a hot shower some fresh clothes and some hot food to make it up. How does that sound?" Rebel went ahead to push the cart nearer to them since it was in the way of other customers as he watched the conversation progress and he rolled his eyes

"you're inviting a complete stranger over Kitty have some caution" Kitty patted his arm.

"it's my fault she's all cut up and covered in coffee and we can always finish shopping later. besides we do need to do something about the cuts." she looked expectantly at Akiko hoping she'd accept

As much as Akiko typically preferred to not follow total strangers home, or even interact with strangers, this whole ‘getting kicked out of the house’ thing had turned her on to some new interests. As for example, taking advantage of any shower that didn’t require her to wear shoes and keep her arms pinned to her side to avoid touching the walls or curtain.

And shit, she tried to never turn down a free meal.

When they’d sent her off, her parents had left out how much travelling around cost. And also that she wasn’t getting allowance anymore.

But she couldn’t just go into Kitty’s home without asking a very important question first. “Who are you talking to?”

Kitty felt stupid she forgot to mention Rebel to her she hit her head blushing

"sorry sorry i forgot to tell you. This Mewtwo here is Rebel my very special companion he can use telepathy to talk though he only ever really talks to me. anyway i'll go ahead and check out now i'll meet you outside so we can go to my house i'll introduce you to the rest of my team!" Kitty went over to cart and hurriedly went to the registers to check out leaving a disgruntled Rebel and Akiko behind. rebel just glanced down at Akiko before ignoring her in favor of following Kitty to help her carry the bags

Akiko grimaced away from Rebel’s look. She’d never had shade thrown at her from a Pokémon before.

Unless you count Penelope’s perpetual sulk. Then every day for the last two months.

At least her odds of not being murdered by a delusional Kitty taking orders from some unseen pixies seemed to be going down.

A scrawny-looking kid about her age but with the added appeal of a storebrand apron approached with a mop. “Oh, no, are you okay, miss?” he asked.

Akiko didn’t look away from the legendary Pokémon she could still spot at the registers. “Yeah, whatever.”

“You’re bleeding.”

“Oh!” Akiko spun around, yanked the door to the refrigerated drinks back open, and pulled out a new bottle of iced coffee. “Do I get this for free now? Like, can I just have this as a reward for being injured in your store?”

The guy blinked at her. “Um. I dunno. I don’t think so. Do you want me to ask the manager?”

Well, there went that. Akiko thumped the bottle against her palm like a weapon. “Nah.” She turned and headed toward the register to catch up with Kitty, Rebel, the allure of a hot bath, and hopefully not her own murder.

kitty finished paying for her groceries and the broken drink before gathering her things to get ready to leave when she saw Akiko head towards her with a new drink in her hand. she noted it was iced coffee drink not unlike the shake she had gotten for Rebel. that was kinda cute.

"would you like for me to get that too? I do still owe still owe you that at least." Rebel picked up the rest of the bags still making sure to keep an eye on Akiko.

"she can have the one you already bought since i didn't ask for you to get it for me anyway let's just go before this anymore complicated." Kitty looked up at Rebel surprised before smiling and nodding. She'd just buy him the drink again later. Kitty turned to address Akiko as Rebel walked ahead.

"Rebel has offered for you to take his drink so we can leave now. my house isn't too far from here so it won't be too long of a walk but i'm sorry you'll have to walk anyway."

Akiko gave the offered drink a quick glance. Definitely some sort of shake. She shook her head. “Oh, no, I can’t drink that,” she said. She handed the iced coffee over to the cashier and as it was scanned, she unzipped her waistpack, shoved Penelope’s Pokéball aside (it’s the only other object in there and she still had to shove it aside) and fished out her card.

“600 Pokédollar,” reported the cashier.

Akiko swiped her card, entered her PIN, and turned down her receipt quickly. Her throat became thick and her mouth became dry and the perspiring iced drink now being held away from her reminded her suddenly of how thirsty she was. She hadn’t been this thirsty coming in but now there was coffee before her and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on the cool bottle again.

“Thank you for your purchase,” said the cashier. She handed over Akiko’s drink. “Come again soon.”

Akiko turned from the register and snapped of the lid. She took a quick gulp and the bitterness swept her in. Akiko sighed into the bottle and looked back up at Kitty. “Do you live near the Center? That’s where my actual clothes are right now.”

Kitty shook her head and placed the drink back in the bag glad she didn't have to replace Rebel's drink. Rebel just looked like he wanted to go so she gestured for them to start walking along

"no it's nearer to the city limits actually because it has it's own lake. Mila needed a place to swim in after all" she couldn't help that Mila was so big but she could at least help her have a suitable place to reside in when she was out of her pokeball. at least it was close enough to the stores for her to still live comfortably.

“Right. Mila.” Akiko nodded as they walked and didn’t bother to ask further. Her mind was already past that, and, for that matter, past the issue of putting back on her sweaty sports bra and exercise pants after showering. Kitty really was wealthy, and a strong trainer (or at least had strong Pokémon), and now she felt indebted to Akiko. “All right,” Akiko agreed, she smiled to Kitty. “That sounds so nice. I can’t wait to see it.”

Kitty smiled happily as she walked with Akiko. she seemed like a nice girl and she didn't really get to interact with many people like this who weren't her fans new reporters paparazzi or interviewers. it was nice to just sit and talk with someone.

"if you'd like i can let you borrow some of my own clothes or we can try and get rebel to stop by the center to pick up your things."

"no." rebel immediately answered

Akiko took another sip of her coffee drink and gave Kitty a look over. She had both a couple of pounds and inches on Akiko, but not too many. And it would be nice to get to wear some nicer clothes than the four outfits she’s had for the last two months. Things only got so clean getting when washed in the tub with handsoap.

Maybe Kitty had a washing machine.

“I don’t think they let anyone else claim your stuff,” Akiko said with a glance to Rebel. She hoped they didn’t. Her 3DS was in that bag! “I’ll try your clothes, if you don’t mind.”

Kitty nodded thinking on some new things she had just bought and hadn't worn yet that she could give to Akiko she had just gotten them on sale too. Rebel looked down at Akiko catching her glance at him.

"i can let you look through my closet and pick out some clothes that you would like to keep too since i've been meaning to clean it since forever." she had so many clothes her closet was over flowing she'd been meaning to sort them out and give away but she just simply forgot and let it continue. she clapped her hands together as she remembered Akiko's own state of clothes

"i'll let you borrow my washer and dryer too if you'd like to clean your own clothes up."

Unable to keep herself from feeling intimidated and a little nervous, Akiko looked away from Rebel. Could he read her mind? At the very least, he was a legendary and could murder her and all she had with her for protection was Penelope.

Akiko focused on Kitty instead. She turned to the other woman with her best, grateful smile. “Oh, wow, that would be so nice of you. I can’t really take much, though, since I’m travelling to Opelucid City and my bag is already pretty full.”

A crowd of business people, rushing to or from their lunchbreak, bustled around them and a man with a very nice briefcase and a bluetooth bumped Akiko’s shoulder.

She spun, leaped, and mimed a kick at his retreating rear. “Watch it, asshole!” she yelled after him as her sneakers reconnected with the ground. Then she turned back to Kitty. “I seriously can’t wait to get out of here and get to Opelucid.”

Kitty now had to look down at Akiko since rebel had suddenly picked her up to avoid her getting jostled around by the lunchtime crowd

"it's okay i know what traveling is like after all. it was terrible at first you know i was so poor i had to wash my clothes in lakes and catch my own food. i didn't even have enough for a tent." she looked back on those days with fondness though as they were what spurred her to reach her goal of being the star she was now. Rebel set her back down and glared slightly at Akiko as if displeased by her action

"but i always did like sleeping under the stars sometimes i miss those traveling days but i love where i am now i worked hard to reach it after all" and she had an amazing team to back her up she noticed Rebel glaring and lightly hit his arm

"stop glaring at her you'll chase her away! i need human friends too Rebel!" Rebel scoffed
"all you need is me since i am the one protecting you" kitty huffed puffing out her cheeks. the sentiment was sweet and she'd definitely use it for ammo to spew at him later but right now she was more interested in trying to become friends with Akiko since she never got a chance to talk to someone like this

"sorry Akiko he's just not a very social pokemon."

Yeah, well, Akiko wasn’t a very social person so what did she care? As long as Rebel didn’t get in her way, they wouldn’t really have a problem.

And what was she doing that could really upset him enough to take action? Accepting favours offered freely to her by someone who was, in point of fact, responsible for the blood drying on her legs. Not exactly a crime.

Also from someone who’d just implied there could be friendship in the future.


The word hummed its way into her gut and dredged up the loneliness that had run through her veins ever since the summer ended, along with a worry and a twitch of satisfaction.

Akiko pushed it all back. She had plans now.

“You might have to teach how me to enjoy it,” she said. “All I’m feeling is backaches from the ground and nowhere to charge anything and a serious lack of caffeine for way too long.”

Kitty huffed and turned her attention away from rebel so she could talk again with Akiko

"i just find myself looking up a lot and the sense of freedom with no one telling you what to do or where to go. it's kind of exhilarating." that was one way to look at traveling. the pure essance of freedom was so different now that she had a set schedule she had to follow. she guessed that's what she missed the most about traveling just being free to choose her own path.

"but i suppose another way to look at it is just a step in the direction you wanna go. it;s a way to strengthen yourself before you head out towards your goal and experience it."

Akiko gulped more of her coffee. “I wish I knew that kinda freedom,” she said. “I’m out here because my parents made me.” Yeah, no one was telling her when to get up or what to eat, but those were pretty much decided for her by snoring bunkmates in the Pokémon Center and cooing Pidoves out camping, not to mention the lack of money meant a lack of food.

And all she really wanted to do was the one thing she couldn’t do.

What kind of freedom was that?

Kitty sighed. she didn't know what to say to that. she wasn't very good at cheering up people like this.

"i guess the main point of a journey is that it's so different for everyone person and it just takes time for people to realize what makes it special to everyone. though if it helps i can give you my old traveling equipment i have a tent and a air mattress you can have to make it a little better."

More stuff to carry? Yeah, that’s what she needed. Still… it was probably a step in the right direction. “Thank you,” Akiko said. “I really appreciate that.”

The crowd thinned as they approached the edges of town, with most people heading into the city for lunch than out of it. Hopefully that meant they were nearing Kitty’s place. The sooner the better, really. The blood drying on Akiko’s calves was beginning to itch. A few spots still oozed, she noticed when she looked down. Better check those for any stray shards. Rich people have tweezers, right? Maybe the fancy ones with lights and magnifiers and stuff. Something to improve on the ones she’d kept in her school locker to dig out the splinters she and Kyle got from their handstand contests on the old wooden tables.

Well. She hadn’t realised she missed that stupid table until just now.


Kitty smiled. that was better she didn't want to chase off her first friend that treated her like a normal person. they were finally reaching the edge of town including her house she pointed to the large modern building

"that's my house once we get inside you can shower and treat your cuts wash your clothes oh would you like to stay the-" rebel covered her mouth with his hand.

"she has other stuff to do than to hang around as you have said she probably has a journey to get on with and i'm not getting her stuff for her to stay over the night" kitty pouted at him

"you just don't want her to eat all your food because you know i'm making your favorite" Rebel glared at her kitty took that as a win

"anyway let's get you inside i'll look around for the tweezers and first aid kit." when the door was open they were immediately greeted by an enthusiastic lopunny with a pink ribbon around her neck and a mega stone in the middle and a leavanny.

“Damn, dude,” said Akiko, genuinely impressed. “This place is amazing.” She let that feeling help her ignore how weirded out she still felt to be around someone who actually conversed with their Pokémon and whose Pokémon could apparently converse back. “Just point me to your bathroom, which I assume is full of chrome and marble or something.” She waved at the new duo of Pokémon, which she assumed to be Kitty’s.

Both the Lopunny and Leavanny looked pretty strong. That was good. That could be a good thing in Akiko’s future, depending on how this went.

In the meantime, though, the building was really nice. The sort of place that would have heat and A/C and showers you didn’t feel gross after using.

Wasn’t Kitty her age?

Really, like, her dad was a doctor and the end of her journey was not going to properly compete with this, except that it would be the end.

Kitty giggled and patted Lola and Sashi as they greeted her and walked Akiko in the large living room it was sunken in a bit with a long l shaped couch and a flat screen tv the kitchen wasn't too far off with state of the art appliances and marble countertops including a breakfast bar. other pokemon were lounging on the couch each greeted kitty in earnest a togekiss and drifblim flying around her head. she giggled and patted each one in passing before looking over at Akiko

"oh yea the bathrooms are really nice here it's just down the hallway the third door on the left oh! hold on let me get you some extra clothes and a towel stay here guys be good to my new friend alright?" she trotted off to go get the supplies as well as looking for the med kit for the tweezers luckily rebel always made sure she knew where it was she wasn't THAT clumsy but he seemed to believe she was. admittedly though she couldn't float like he could so everyone must seem clumsier than him.

Sashi was a perfect gentleman bowing in getting to her Lola shook her hand Tiana and Dre did lazy circles around her head and Rebel just rolled his eyes

“Hey there, cuties,” Akiko greeted. The Lopunny was shaking her hand. Okay, she’d totally thought she was going to sniff it, but whatever.

Just because she was a terrible trainer and couldn’t get Penelope to even like her didn’t mean she couldn’t get along with someone else’s team.

“Oh, hey! If I could borrow two towels, that’d be kinda rad,” she called after Kitty. “I kinda have a lot of hair.”

Rebel looked unhappy as he floated away to go put the groceries Tiana following him seemingly making him more annoyed

Kitty responded from the hallway holding the medkit towels and an extra pair of clothes just a simple tee shirt and capri pants

"not an issue i also found some extra shower gel and loofa do you want that too?"

“I would totally love those.” Akiko left her little circle and joined Kitty in the hall. She opened up her arms to accept Kitty’s offerings. “Clothes that haven’t turned grey from bathtub washes? Swanky.”  She inclined her head toward the left of the hall, at just enough of an angle that one of her braids threatened to unpin itself from her head. She straightened up before it could and checked, “Third door?” as she began to walk. 

Kitty handed her the supplies

"yep the third door leave your dirty clothes outside the door i'll throw them in the wash for you when you get out i should have food started." excited and happy pokemon cries could be heard from the living room kitty giggled.

Akiko set her armful and waist pack down on the counter beside the sink and stripped out of her sports bra, socks, and exercise pants. She left everything besides her underwear on the floor outside before shutting the door.

Yeah, like someone was gonna call her modest.

Akiko took the medkit to the edge of the tub and settled herself with her right leg outstretched, toes pointed out of habit, in a pseudo hurdler stretch. Most of the cuts on her leg were small nicks that hadn’t been bleeding since she left the store. She combed her way up her skin throughouly, though, plucking a few remaining shards free. Minimal blood and some stinging, but nothing new or worse than she’d had before.

When she’d finished both legs, Akiko pressed a little toilet tissue over any weeping spots and, satisfied that she wouldn’t have to clean Kitty’s bathroom floor, she stripped out of her panties and did a few calve stretches against the wall beside the shower while she waited for the water to warm up.

Taking a shower, a real shower, after all those months was powerful. The heavy water pressure and the rising steam, and the tiles beneath her bare feet, and the fancy shampoo Akiko sniffed for a while before using all added up to make her feel kinda like an actual person.

There were two problems with this.
Between wrapping up her hair and towelling her body off, Akiko sent out Penelope so she wouldn’t sound like a complete nutjob while she talked herself through these problems.

First, even though it made her even more clearly aware of how much she wanted to just get to her dad’s house, it also made it clear how much she did not want to keep walking to get there.
Second, feeling like a person reminded her that she wasn’t totally super being a nice person right now.

“But it’s not like I’m stealing, you know? Or doing anything super bad. I’m just setting a precedent and not turning things down. That was probably something they talked about in class when I was playing Zelda.

Penelope offered her nothing. She turned away and began to groom herself in the corner.
Akiko placed a hand over her chest. “I’m just doing what you taught me,” she intoned dramatically.

She redressed in Kitty’s clothes, tied her semi-dry hair into a loose tail, dropped the towels she’d used into the hamper, and headed barefoot back to the kitchen carrying her shoes, waist pack, and Kitty’s medkit.

Kitty picked up the clothes and put them in the wash before heading back to the kitchen to get food started luckily all she had to do was take out the pre-cut beef and put it in the pan she chatted with Rebel while she made the food she was making Rebels favorite beef curry rice she was adding extra spices to his batch while he sipped on his shake watching her to make sure she didn't cut herself.

"you know i'm not THAT bad at cooking Rebel." he glared at her
"you burned water."...

"that was one time and it hasn't happened again." barring that statement she went back to checking her curry the meat was cooking well it wouldn't be long before she could start making the sauce she had the potatoes soaking in water so they wouldn't brown despite being peeled(by sashi of course) and was cutting up the carrots and onions she was leaving out the mushrooms in this recipe of course because no one liked mushrooms Lola was helping her stir and check the beef it was looking good too she added in the rest of the ingredients making the curry sauce while the rice was in the rice maker it wasn't long before the smell of curry filled the house she was just letting it heat up now while she started the poffins when Akiko came out

"hey good timing! i was just about to start making the poffins i wanted to know what flavors your pokemon liked the best you must be traveling with a few of course....oh that reminds me i never introduced you to everyone but then again you probably already know them but i'll go through it anyway." Rebel rubbed his temples as Kitty continued rapid fire talking

"why are you like this?" kitty ignored him

"the Lopunny is Lola she's my little honey bunny." Lola trilled happily

"the leavanny is Sashi he's mah Diva." Sashi twirled dramatically

"the drifblim is Dre he's super chill" he simply waved at her

"oh and the togekiss is Tiana my little egg drop~" tiana landed beside her

"please stop" kitty patted his arm and handed him an extra cinnamon pokepuff

"just relax Rebel it's okay." he huffed but started eating the pokepuff anyway wandering away from the enthusiastic team

Arms still full, Akiko repeated Sashi’s twirl. She couldn’t compete with Kitty’s chattiness, but twirling she could do. “This is Penelope,” she said, nodding her head toward the Liepard. “I hope it’s okay I let her out.”

Possibly in direct response to Akiko’s possible faux pas, Penelope pushed past her trainer and entered the kitchen to sniff curiously at the other Pokémon.

She set Kitty’s medkit down on the counter and placed her shoes and waist pack on the floor. “I don’t really know what she likes to eat. I’ve never given her Poffins before.” Akiko stretched out her newly-relaxed muscles. All her stretches and exercises on the road couldn’t make up for the fact that she was on the road. It was good to feel like this again. “I have a Servine and I caught an Eevee the other day, but I didn’t bring them with me to run.”

Kitty smiled at the leipard

"hello Penelope my name is kitty" she chuckled and got back to making the poffins while her team sans Rebel nipped down to meet her Lola looked down at her curiously smiling at her.

"well if that's the case she's going to get a great treat today huh? an eevee is cool i actually have a glaceon his name is Glacier maybe we should have them meet up sometime i'd love to see you again." she certainly hoped this wasn't the last time she saw her she really wanted to have more friend to talk to other than Rebel especially one with some common interest that thought made her smile as she put in the berry juices in the different mixes of poffin batter

Penelope gave a “Mraa,” of pleasure at Kitty’s attention and leaned in toward Lola to give the Lopunny a curious sniff.

“Yeah, maybe some time,” agreed Akiko. She couldn’t even really justify to herself why she’d caught Gus. She’d felt bad for him, matted fur and all, and it had been simple enough to lure him in with a piece of her cookie, but he didn’t seem very strong and he definitely liked her a little too much. “I’m not gonna be around much longer. I’ve kinda been in Castelia for a while but I really just want to be in Opelucid City, like, already.”

Apparently pleased with what her sniffs had discovered, Penelope leaned in and butted her forehead against Lola’s knee.

“Oh, dude, that’s no fair,” Akiko scolded. 

Lola looked extremely happy and chattered at her amiably kitty simply giggled at their antics she started shaping the dough lola stealing a bit to give to Penelope

you forgot the curry." kitty stiffened and went to go check the curry it was fine in fact it was almost ready she stirred it added a few more spices and some bay leaves before going back to the poffins and popping them in the oven

"there we go it shouldn't be long now i hope you reach your destination safely maybe we can keep in contact? i think it'd be nice to have you come over or have met ups i travel a lot because of work so who knows maybe i'll be in the area."

So that was that then. Not that Akiko could really blame her. She was going to settle in Opelucid, Kitty had already settled in Castelia. Simple.


At least she got a shower out of her leg pain.

“Keeping in contact could be good. I mean, I never have service right now, but in a few months I will,” Akiko said. “I’m not really a trainer. I probably won’t be coming back here.” She leaned her hip against the counter and watched Penelope nibble on some of the pilfered dough. Maybe keeping her as a pet would work after all.

Kitty nodded as she patted Sashi

"i'd like that a lot. as i've said before it's kind of hard making friends like you when you're a celebrity i'd like to have more friends but work usually keeps me busy like tomorrow i have to open up a new center and then after that i have an interveiw on that new tv show was it the one with the watchog on it?" she had forgotten the name

"minna talk i swear you'd forget your own name if i didn't yell it at you so often" kitty huffed and looked over at Rebel who was sitting on the couch

"i love you too Rebel." she could hear him sigh deeply from the kitchen she giggled

“I dunno,” said Akiko. “Hopefully they remember, whoever they are. And I think you think it’s harder than it really is.”

Friends like her. Yeah, that… hadn’t taken much. In fact, most people would probably be delighted to be ‘friends like Akiko.’

Though for now, with her Super Grand Plan officially deflated, it’s time for Akiko to move on to Plan B. Well. Plan C. Because the Super Grand Plan was Plan B because Plan A was staying the fuck at home where she belonged.

“I mean, you’re just, like, a nice person. Just go find other people to stab in the legs and I’m sure it’ll work out for you.”

Kitty burst out laughing

"o-oh please i'd rather not have a repeat incident like that once is good enough

"it'll happen again anyway." kitty shook her head at Rebels comment as she turned the stove off and set the curry on a different burner to cool a bit Lola was showing off her mega stone to Penelope now Sashi watching

Akiko raised her arms out over her head, fingers laced together, to feel the pleasant tug in her shoulders, and stretched out her right leg to show off the nicks. “Listen, you found something that works for you, don’t just ignore it. Embrace your talents.” The slow-paced back walkover into the splits wasn’t meant as a punctuation, it just sorta naturally evolved from the stretch and the wide open space. “Be the best leg stabbing friend maker you can be. Beat all the other leg stabbing friend makers. Destroy them all. Own the title.”

Penelope weaved her way between Lola’s legs, stretched out in front of Akiko, and smacked her trainer in the foot playfully. But when Akiko grinned and leaned forward to pet her, she drew back and wandered over to the stove to sit at Lola’s side.

Yeah, that seemed about right.

Kitty served up the warm poffins and beef curry rice giggling Lola tried to feed penelope a sweet poffin

"well if you think so i guess it worked for you so. to new friends"


“To new friends,” Akiko agreed.

Her plan had failed but the day was far from a disaster. She ate more than she would have before and kept a close eye on Penelope’s fairly neutral reaction to her poffin. That was something she could look into for sure. Eventually. Somehow, if she could ever afford it.

Maybe her dad could help her.

When her clothes were dry, Akiko changed, reunited herself with her shoes, and recalled Penelope. With Kitty’s X-Transceiver number scrawled on the palm of her hand, she headed back toward the Center.

And the next morning, you know, the afternoon, whatever, when she passed by the nurse’s station, she left sitting on the desk the key to the foot locker she’d been using for the past week. With her hair nicer than it had been since she’d left Aspertia and her backpack settled on shoulders finally more relaxed than they’d been when she’d entered Castelia City, Akiko headed for Route Four.


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